Have you ever pondered how a man might present himself on his wedding day with dignity and sophistication? One item of clothing contains the solution. And what could that be? Ummm... A sherwani? Well, that is quite common!

Something that is extravagant, trending and modern - A Designer jodhpuri for men As the name suggests, Jodhpuri suits stem from Jodhpur, a state in Rajasthan. It was initially worn by monarchs representing position and authority. Nowadays, this idea has been adapted by Indian grooms to appear opulent. It not only portrays royalty but also reflects the rich culture of India. Jodhpuri clothingdisplays the knowledge and ability of experienced artisans via the use of exquisite details and ornamentation.

Jodhpuri suits are often called bandhgala as it is tied up to the neck. Jodhpuri suits are slightly longer in length and are paired with tapering pants. On the other hand, jodhpuri jacket is also similar. It is short and can be topped up on any outfit. For instance, kurta pajama set, shirt and pants, sherwani and so on. But what makes these jackets different from the Western ones? Jodhpuri ones appear traditional and are made more glamourous by adding details like embroidery, brooches, sequins and beads. Sometimes, the fabric and the print itself are so distinctive that it immediately stands out as unique and fab.

In addition to improving the groom's look on his wedding day, a fashionable Jodhpuri suit also functions as a flexible item of clothing that may be donned for other formal occasions. Therefore, any guy who wishes to add a dash of regal appeal to his wardrobe would be advised to invest in a Jodhpuri.

Confused about which one to prefer? Let’s look at a few of the most unusual and avant-garde designer Jodhpuri suits from our collection in this blog by us.

Exclusive Jodhpuri Jacket Styles At Kora

Utilise Velvet Jodhpuri Suits to Celebrate Your Individuality

For grooms who wish to stand out on their wedding day, velvet Jodhpuri kurta set are an opulent and royal alternative. The classic Jodhpuri suit is enhanced by the soft feel of velvet, giving it a touch of refinement and elegance that makes it ideal for a wedding. Velvet textiles are perfect for winter weddings because of their deep, rich colours, which go well with the season's colour scheme.

Intricate embroidery or decorations, like gold threadwork or sparkles, are frequently seen on these lovely velvet Jodhpuri suits, as you can see in this piece from our range.  It lends a bit of glitz to the already sumptuous material. All things considered, these royal jodhpuri suits for grooms are a timeless and traditional solution forindividuals who wish to feel and look like royalty on their wedding day.

Dazzle And Strut In Floral Jodhpuri Jackets

Men would want to wear relaxed, cool, comfortable, and informal attire. What better method than florals to satisfy their fashion needs? Without question, the wedding fashion business and the spotlight have returned to flowers. Men have traditionally been pleased with the same traditional colour, pattern, and style of their basic attire. Have a look at this floral embroidered jodhpuri jacket which complements really well with a golden kurta and shalwar.

There hasn't been much experimentation with men's wedding dresses throughout the years. So, guys, get ready because the floral patterns for men are going to make you appear more vibrant and joyous. So, try this look and give us credits later.

Slay In Drape Touch To Jodhpuri Jacket Style

In terms of men's fashion, the drape jodhpuri seems to be the latest new style. It is more of an indo-western outfit. This style is worn by celebrities. Sole reason why this is so inspiring to fashionistas! Why not, then? After all, highlighting these modern songs can brighten up his appearance at the wedding reception. Consider this ethnic look, which has a draped top in wine with black sleek pants.

The beautiful brooch and the side belt design also provide an element of traditionalism and creativity to the overall appearance. Therefore, go up to the party in elegance and let your drape speak for itself. We admire the most recent iteration of this jodhpuri topwear for the groomsmen, which enhances the attire's ease, enjoyment, and adaptability.

Grab The Attention With Stunning Embroidery

A designer jodhpuri with embroidery for guys might be a great way to elevate their look. On the jacket of this piece, there is elaborate floral embroidery that makes a stunning and arresting appearance.

Jodhpuri sets that have been embroidered are a good option for men who desire to make an impression and have an upscale look. They are commonly worn in conjunction with eye-catching jewellery or a vivid turban to provide a polished and regal appearance.

Be A Showstealer With Contrasting Jodhpuris

Contrast Jodhpuri suits are a fantastic option for guys looking for a distinctive and striking look. The jacket and trousers of these suits are made of different materials or colours, giving them a striking appearance. As you can see, a raw silk maroon jacket combined with slim-fit beige pants. The contrasting shades complement each other quite well. 

Consider wearing contrasting Jodhpuri suits if you want to give your attire some flair and originality. You can similarly choose many contrasting pieces available on our online store for a rich look.

Enhance Elegance And Embrace The Party Look

A modern take on the traditional Jodhpuri suit is the asymmetric Jodhpuri suit. These suits' extended coat-style jacket, which falls above the knee, gives them a layered, beautiful appearance. The longer jacket length gives the suit melodrama and splendour, while the slim-fit trousers give it a neat and professional look.

This suit is a great option for men who want to add a contemporary touch. To create a cohesive image, pair these jodhpuri prince suits with a striking turban or eye-catching shoes.


Males who wish to project a classy and regal image must consider jodhpuri jacket suits. There are several unusual and unorthodox designer Jodhpuri suits available to help you achieve an exclusive appearance, from printed motifs to textured materials. So, no matter whichever style and pattern of jodhpuri you choose - all are surely going to make you feel royal. 

Therefore, investigate and experiment with these distinctive looks and select the greatest jodhpuri outfit for yourself that complements your distinct personality and sense of style.

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